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Join Us....It Will Be Killer

Our debut Teaser / Trailer are coming soon!!

One of our short films NIGHTMARE won Best VFX at the Athen's International Monthly Art Film Festival for January 2024


The Story

                 SLUMBER PARTY is a horror anthology horror feature film that pays homage to the 80's horror classics such as "Tales From The Crypt", "Scream Time" and "Creepshow!!"


                  6 life long girlfriends get together for a weekend to revive their childhood tradition of having slumber parties.  This will be a night of drinking, laughing, doing each other's hair, and enjoying their time as women and friends!!  This weekend, The Slumber Party Princesses Rule!!  


                  At the stroke of midnight, each of our 6 Slumber Party Princesses will delight you with gruesome tales of blood and gore, brutal action horror, twisted psychological torture, and seemingly innocent treachery!!!!  6 horror stories translates into 6 horror short films for the audience to enjoy.  


                  We invite you to sit back, grab a tub of popcorn and cuddle your teddy bears as you enjoy your time with the lovely ladies and scary stories of SLUMBER PARTY!!!     


                   Everything you need to know about SLUMBER PARTY is right here on our official website!!  Make sure to check out our facebook page and instagram for updates as well!!  


                    Join us, It Will Be Killer!!

Slumber Party House Scenes Crew

Director - Christopher Eric Outridge

Cinematographer - John L. Murphy

Sound - Collin Cornwell

Make Up - Megan Chevatewa

      Ming-Yi Lai

Lighting - John L. Murphy

Camera / Lighting Assistant - James Lickfield

Director's Assistant - Angela Torres

Music - Francis Tricamo

Editor - Christopher Eric Outridge

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