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How This All Started?


        The concept was born when Christopher Eric Outridge aspired to shoot a collaborative anthology horror film that pay homage to the 80s horror film classics.  He quickly involved long time friend and coproducer Amanda Ruiz to make this happen. 


         6 lead actresses were selected and 4 horror concepts were in the bag.  Wanting a collaborative effort, Chris and Amanda started the Slumber Party Horror Screenwriting Contest to find 2 fresh stories for the line up. 


       Jason Zink and Brent Lorentsen were selected as the winners for the Slumber Party Horror Screenwriting Contest. 


       Promotional Photoshoots completed


       Filming Started for Golden Years, Flappy The Clown and Fertile Blood


          Filming is completed for Flappy The Clown, Golden Years and Fertile Blood.  


         Filming for Day 23 starts and is completed. 


       Filming for the Slumber Party House Scenes are started and completed.  


         "One Last Stab At It" Slumber Party Horror Screenwriting contest is started and winner Robert T. Daniel is selected with his short VEGAN MARY.  


           Vegan Mary begins filming and is completed.  


           Nightmare begins filming. 


          Nightmare filming is completed.  


          Principal Photography for Slumber Party is now completed.  


          Rough Cut of the full feature film is fully edited and approved.

          The Rough Cut for Slumber Party is reviewed by a film critic for approval and revisions.  


            Slumber Party Rough Cut is revised, reviewed and approved.


          The full anthology feature film is now ready for music and final video and color correction and audio mixing.  

For the rest of our history, proceed to THE NEWS Section

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