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Jason Zink

Slumber Party Screenwriting Contest Winner

Writer of Flappy The Clown

                Jason ZInk, a director/screenwriter/producer, was born and raised in rural Indiana, Zink was the director/co-writer of the award-winning When I Die (2009), his first feature film. Zink self-distributed the film, which won Best Comedic Feature at the 2010 DIY Film Festival.


                Next, Zink directed and collaborated on the horror anthology film, Night Terrors (2013), which was distributed domestically and internationally by Camp! Motion Pictures.  Night Terrors was an official selection of the Indie Horror Film Festival and a featured film at the Horror Hound Weekend (Cincinnati).  


                  The recipient of numerous awards, Zink earned a B.A. in Secondary Education English from Purdue, where he also minored in film studies.


                   Most recently, Jason’s co-written script Too Much Horror Business was a finalist in the 2014 Horror Screenplay Contest and his short Flappy the Clown was one of two short scripts chosen to become part of the horror anthology Slumber Party.


                   Zink continues to write screenplays and shoot his own independent features in Lafayette, Indiana, where he also teaches at-risk children at a local charter school.

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