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Christopher Eric Outridge

Director / Producer of Slumber Party

Writer for Slumber Party House Scenes, Golden Years and Nightmare

            Christopher Eric Outridge (CEO), embarked on his journey as a storyteller at the tender age of 12. Inspired by the immersive narratives of role-playing games and horror movies, he delved into the realms of fantasy, embodying his favorite comic book characters, wrestlers and horror characters alongside his siblings. This early passion for performance ignited his imagination, leading him to explore various avenues of creative expression.

            Driven by an insatiable desire to create, Chris ventured into poetry and screenwriting, weaving intricate tales populated by characters from his vivid imagination. With each word penned, he discovered a profound love for the art of storytelling, fueling his ambition to explore the vast landscape of the entertainment industry.

             During his college years, Chris pursued a degree in Film Production, honing his skills in directing and editing. For him, filmmaking was more than a career path—it was a gateway to bring his imaginative worlds to life on the silver screen. With each project, he sought to immerse his audience in the rich tapestry of his narratives, inviting them to experience the joys and struggles of his characters as if they were part of his own family.

             Beyond writing, Chris made his mark as a multifaceted talent, serving as head editor for independent films such as "Cross The Line" and "Katie's Wish," and gaining widespread acclaim for his TAPE ME Horror Short Film Series. His work caught the attention of FANGORIA Magazine, solidifying his status as a rising star in the horror genre.


              Through his work in the horror genre and unafraid to tackle controversial themes, Chris imbued his stories with raw realism, unapologetically portraying the complexities of the human experience.


              In 2023, and into 2024 and beyond, Chris' work in horror began to take the independent horror film festival world by storm.


               His short horror movie MEAT is a 2 x Award Winner for Best Kill and Best Gore in the Severed Limbs Film Festival and The Independent Horror Movie Awards.


               He has won Best Director for his short film NIGHTMARE, which is apart of his horror anthology feature film SLUMBER PARTY. NIGHTMARE itself is a multi award winning short film as well, for Best Editing, Best Music and Sound, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress.

His short horror / comedy script Teddy Cuddles has taken home 10x Awards from some of the world's leading horror film festivals including, Best Short Screenplay - Shockfest Film Festival 2023, Best Original Screenplay - Hollywood Blood Horror Festival 2023, Best Short Screenplay, 2nd Runner Up for Best Short Screenplay - A Night Of Horror International Film Festival 2024, Finalist - Best Villain - Frights! Camera! Action! Horror Screenplay Contest 2024, The Silver Award for Best Short Screenplay** - Kraken International Film Festival in Milan, Italy 2024.


              As he continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, Christopher Eric Outridge remains committed to sharing his vision with the world. With each project, he raises the bar for excellence, proving that with passion and determination, anything is possible in the vast and ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.

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