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Christopher Eric Outridge

Director / Producer of Slumber Party

Writer for Slumber Party House Scenes, Golden Years and Nightmare

                Christopher Eric Outridge (CEO) began storytelling at the tender age of 12 years old, his inspiration coming from role playing games, where he would perform as his favorite comic books characters and wrestlers with his oldest sister and youngest brother. Chris soon expanded into other forms of the creative word, writing poetry and screenplays featuring characters he would create in his own special universe. The more he wrote, the more Chris came to love the process of creating and telling stories, and it didn’t take long for him to explore other aspects of the entertainment industry.

                  In college, Chris majored in Film Production and channeled his passion and creativity into learning filmmaking and editing. To him, directing and editing gives him an adrenaline rush to the brain and allows him the luxury of visually developing the worlds he pens in his poems, scripts and novels.

                   To Chris, the enjoyment of being a director, producer and screenwriter is more than just developing the story. It is the ability to create a world that he can populate and oversee. It is very important to Chris that his work be as real as possible and that his audience is able to visualize his world as if they are actually there, and be able to experience life with his characters as if they are family. Chris accomplishes this by writing from his own life experiences, as well as the experiences of those around him.

                     Chris is definitely not afraid to be controversial when he writes, even if he knows the reaction may be disturbing to an audience. This goes back to his belief in realism. The world is full of controversial and disturbing things, and so the world of his storyline will embrace the same traits.

                      Chris has achieved much success in the entertainment industry on his ambitious and relentless quest to share his vision with the world.  Having already become an award winning and published poet as a child, he would become a published author at the age of 23 with the release of the first two books of his Windwill Town Book Series. He holds credits as head editor of several independent films in distribution such as Allie Way Film’s “Cross The Line: and “Katie’s Wish”. He is also the creator, producer, writer, director and editor of the very popular TAPE ME Horror Short Film Series, which has not only received the popularity of a worldwide audience on Youtube, but it has also earned him recognition from the FANGORIA Magazine, the world’s leading source of horror films.

                     Whether it be Producing, Directing or Editing, Christopher Eric Outridge has not only set the bar, but he has created the pedestal of which success can be achieved. As he takes the industry by storm, Chris will continue to bring his world into reality, and share his vision for all to see.

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