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Amanda Ruiz

Co-Producer of Slumber Party

Co-Writer of Slumber Party House Scenes

                 Amanda Ruiz was born the eldest daughter of four sisters in the Bronx, New York. Being the eldest, Amanda took the reigns as a protector and a rock within her family. She discovered early in her life the value of having a strong sense of self, as well as a fearless attitude towards living life. Her ability to take life by the horns, and command a situation has created the fiery, no-nonsense, self-sufficient and independent woman she is today. Like it or not, Amanda Ruiz is a fun loving jokester who speaks her mind and is loyal towards her family and friends to the end. Amanda Ruiz is a bold woman who sets her mind on a task, and gets it done, regardless of any obstacle.

                  While attending John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, she explored her interests in multiple fields of study, including business management, sales and marketing. Having such high aspirations, there have been those who have challenged her will and ability to succeed in these fields. Not to be deterred, she overcame the negativity to excel in each one of these fields with careers as a Visual Brand Manager for Express as well as a Merchandise Manager / Assistant Retail Operations Manager promoted to Assistant Buyer for The World Wrestling Federation.

                    Amanda’s talents and interests far exceed the business field. Since she was a child, hair, make up, and wardrobe has always been something that comes very naturally to her. Anyone who knows her can attest to Amanda’s love for fashion, and her uncanny ability to be able to envision a unique style and design for any occasion. She can create the full ensemble of hair, make up and wardrobe for anyone on any occasion, even when you aren’t sure of what you are looking for or how to describe it. Having an uncle who is a designer in the fashion industry, Amanda has become a mainstay at every New York Fashion Week Event since the late 90’s, and continues to this day to keep up with all trends of then and now.

Amanda is truly one of those rare women who can excel at anything she does, and now this fiery drive and passion will be translating itself towards the big screen. Combining her prolific experience in business management, sales and marketing with her natural sense of hair, make up and fashion, Amanda Ruiz has started on the path of being a film producer, as well as a Director of the Hair, Make Up and Wardrobe Departments.

                     She is also ready to explore her interests in directing films as well. She literally burst through the doors of the entertainment industry when she joined the CEO Productions producing team for the creation of the popular TAPE ME Horror Film Series. From Day 1 on set, Amanda Ruiz undeniably established her spot, and throughout the remainder of the shoot, has provided the resources and insight needed in order to complete the production.

                      Of everything that Amanda Ruiz is, the one thing that always holds true about her is that Amanda is a woman who can burst her way through any boundary. Not because she is obligated too and not because she is hired too, but because she wants to be there on the journey. Her spirit, her loyalty and her determination is too vast for words to describe. Now that she has gotten her taste of producing films, she will continue to on this path and excel at it, as she has done many times before.

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