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Amber Picon win BEST HEROINE for her performance as "Jessica" in NIGHTMARE at the Severed LImbs 16 Film Festival

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honored to announce that Amber Picon is the WINNER of the Without Your Head Horror Podcast Severed Limbs 16 Film Festival Marilyn Burns Award for Best Hero or Heroine for her performance as "JESSICA" in Slumber Party's NIGHTMARE!!!

Everyone who has seen NIGHTMARE has had nothing but praise for her performance.

But did you know, that is Amber's VERY FIRST LEAD ROLE in ANY film project!!!!

Amber, you fearlessly took on the role of Jessica with great intensity and excitement. There was nothing you wouldn't take on; running through the cold woods, throwing around a 20 pound shovel, crawling around of the floor while being pulled and grabbed in different directions, having another actor yelling in you face...

Your performance carried us through this nightmarish world, and for that Amber, I am truly honored to have cast you in this role.


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