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Christopher Eric Outridge wins Best Director for NIGHTMARE

CEO Film Production is proud to announce that Christopher Eric Outridge has won BEST DIRECTOR for his work on Slumber Party's NIGHTMARE at the Jersey Devil & Fable Festival on May 3-4, 2024.

I was told by a trusted filmmaker that (to paraphrase) "A Director's Merit is measured by the quality of work from his team." Meaning that great directing is shown through the great performances from his actors, cinematographers, editors, etc... etc....

What does this mean to me?

I wouldn't have won Best Director, if it weren't for the incredible work performed by the team behind NIGHTMARE!!!

So, from the bottom of my heart, I would love to thank Leroy Rivera, Amanda Ruiz, Amber Picon, Rachel Rose Gilmour, Irene Jean Santos, Rio Rocket, Paul Kelly, Marah VanBeekom, John Joyner, John L Murphy, Megan Chevatewa, Audrey Elizabeth, Elea Tsentzelis, Francis P Tricamo and Anthony Sallustio for your incredible work in NIGHTMARE.

This award belongs to wouldn't be posisble if it weren't for all of you, and you all deserve it likely more than I do!!

THANK YOU ALL for NIGHTMARE'S continued success.

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