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NIGHTMARE scores Best Sound Design at The Kraken International Film Festival

Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film wasn't the only KRAKEN that Slumber Party's NIGHTMARE won this past weekend!!

NIGHTMARE also took home BEST SOUND DESIGN!!!!!!

And this award is all thanks to this talented man.... Francis P Tricamo. This is another VERY WELL deserved award!!!!

95% of all the sound you hear in NIGHTMARE that isn't dialogue was 100% created by Francis P Tricamo. Even more specifically using 2 instruments, a bright pink recorder and some spooky throat singing!!!! All of which he played for the FIRST TIME to create the score inn NIGHTMARE!!

Truth be Told, this extraordinary man composed ALL of the music for the Slumber Party, giving each of our short films their own unique style and sound with attention to detail that no other musician would have given.

Seriously guys Francis P Tricamo is THE BEST musician of have ever worked with, and he will be MY composer for all CEO Film Productions.

If you need music for any project, look no further than the now AWARD WINNING Francis P Tricamo!!!!!

Thank you Kraken International Film Festival and THANK YOU Francis P Tricamo for making NIGHTMARE and Slumber Party stand out above the rest!!!!!

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